Our Clients

We partner with clients who inspire us daily through their sincere
commitment to their team, customers, and community.

We are grateful to be an extension of our clients and serve as a trusted advisor to their senior leadership team. At OnPurpose PR, we value this seamless relationship that enables us to work together toward purposeful goals, delivering on-brand promise. Become part of a select group of high-energy, creative-thinking, and visionary business leaders who are engaged in building a brand and making a difference. Some of our current and past clients include:

Branded Group
Regional Water Authority
Great Blue
I Skream
Samaritan Daytop Village
Aquarion Water Company

What Our Clients Say


“Working with OnPurpose PR has been a valuable experience for Branded Group’s business growth. Jennifer and her team have led us through the noteworthy process of identifying the company’s cultural elements of purpose, vision, and values, which ultimately led us to creating our trademark ‘Be Better Experience.’ This experience and commitment to all stakeholders differentiates us among competitors. The OnPurpose team also helped to develop our one-for-one program, which has been invaluable to our business success and truly captures our sincere commitment to the community. At Branded Group we feel as though OnPurpose is not only a true partner but also an extension of our team.”

Michael Kurland, CEO, branded group


"OnPurposePR has helped our business evolve by first leading us through a series of purpose-driven workshops to create a higher performance culture – one that integrates mission, vision, and values internally and amplifies those elements externally. This culture is the essence of our company; it’s what makes us different in our industry and propels business development. Additionally, Jennifer and her team have helped our executive leadership learn how to navigate the digital landscape by enhancing our online presence and engaging us in relevant dialogue among our key stakeholders, further building our brand awareness."

Kristen Bunnell, CEO, River road


“When we decided to seek the assistance of a firm to share allnex’s strategy of placing the environment and community up there with safety and profitability objectives, we were only familiar with the larger PR firms that focus on the message only. OnPurposePR clearly has the talent to focus on the message, yet also stresses the importance of the substance behind the message. Jennifer and her team display a relentless energy to ensure that substance and message are clearly intertwined. The end result has been overwhelmingly positive feedback from our stakeholders, the community, and our own employees. It was clearly a risk to go the unconventional PR route, but in the end, one that we are very fortunate to have made.”

Frank dicristina, CEO, Allnex