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Leading with Purpose

At OnPurpose PR, we believe the only way to lead is with a purpose. Being grounded in purpose helps individuals and organizations stay the course, make sound decisions, and remain energized even during challenging times.

We help you to empower your team to explore their individual purpose and then discover or reassess your company’s cultural elements of mission, vision, and values. When company purpose is fully embraced, employee retention is higher, customer satisfaction increases, and productivity soars.

OnPurpose PR develops authentic social impact programs that align with a brand’s promise and purpose. Have you considered partnering with a local or global nonprofit, one that fits your company’s mission and focus, or do you prefer to support a social enterprise? Perhaps you’re inspired to create a company foundation to support a social issue that is meaningful to you and your team?

Regardless of the cause that is close to your heart, we can help you find a nonprofit partner or create a social impact program – one that could elevate both your community and company.

Become Visionary

Become Visionary

Visualization works. Its impact is supported by substantial data and the success of high achievers including Olympic athletes who have been using it for years to improve performance. Give your team the gift of creating vision boards to improve their performance both professionally and personally. OnPurpose PR facilitates a unique and purposeful vision board workshop that guides team members to focus on envisioning not only what they want but also how they want to feel. This workshop is also offered as an amazing opportunity for the families of team members.

Explore your team's purpose

Explore Your Team’s Purpose

What motivates you and your team? Each team member contributes to your company’s purpose, which then helps to fulfill the organization’s mission.

Regardless of the tenure of your company, it may be time to take an honest look at your purpose. Through insightful workshops and deep-dive reflection, OnPurpose will help you identify and amplify individual and organizational purpose. We’ll teach you how to utilize that purpose to benefit all stakeholders.

Make an impact

Make an Impact

A donation of over 600 pairs of glasses to New Eyes for the Needy, volunteering more than 150 hours to a local Habitat for Humanity, a statewide young entrepreneur competition with $20K in cash prizes, and the rebuilding of a Rockaway Beach bagel shop post-Hurricane Sandy are just a few examples of social impact initiatives developed by OnPurpose, all of which have elevated brand awareness of both the client’s brand and the cause they support.

Strategic Communications

A strategic communications plan should guide media relations, social media, stakeholder communication, and special events efforts. Our team assesses your communication needs with an in-depth exploratory interview, develops a strategic communication plan outlining overarching goals with measurable objectives, and identifies creative strategies for effective public relations tactics.

Develop media relations

Develop Media Relations

Every client has compelling stories to tell. Our team will help you to uncover those stories and secure well-deserved positive media placement. With over 10 of years experience in media relations, OnPurpose PR has built and nurtured meaningful relationships with reputable media outlets. Media placement at every level – local, regional, national, and industry-wide - helps build brand credibility regardless of platform - print, online, streaming web, or live television. We want to tell your story.

Communicate with stakeholders

Communicate with Stakeholders

All stakeholder groups including clients, employees, shareholders, vendors, and nonprofit partners deserve concise and consistent communication. Internal communication keeps your team in the know while external communication builds brand awareness with clients and community. Your company needs to be part of every conversation. OnPurpose PR fine-tunes stakeholder communications that deliver on your brand promise.

Engage on social media

Engage on Social Media

Is your company social on social media? OnPurpose PR helps you to deliver engaging content that informs and inspires your target audience. Regardless of the social media platform, if your customers are there, then your company should be there too. Our team develops tailored content, monitors social activity, and interprets analytics.

Manage special events

Manage Special Events

Live events bring your brand promise to life. OnPurpose PR supports special events from ideation to day-of event management and post-event communications. From intimate launches and 500+ person galas to community partnership celebrations, OnPurpose PR handles every detail and secures big, buzzworthy results.

CEO Brand Building

Build an authentic brand

Build an Authentic Brand

Elevating the C-Suite team’s online presence elevates the company’s brand. We build a professional presence through enhanced online profiles, consistent content creation, and media placement. Looking for the spotlight on LinkedIn or a few minutes on Bloomberg TV? We position you as a sought-after industry expert.

Speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements

OnPurpose PR will build a dynamic and compelling speaking platform to help you deliver confident, clear, and consistent messages. Our expert coaching and speech writing will prepare you for any speaking engagement, whether local, digital, or at national industry conferences.

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